group of people at a concert raising their fists

We at Allied Media Projects are in grief and in rage as we witness the many layers of anti-black racism embedded in this country laid bare by the dual pandemics of COVID-19 and police brutality.

We extend love and solidarity to all of the courageous people rising up in defense of Black life in Minneapolis and across the country. We honor all of the people who are not in the streets, but are resisting from their beds, their homes, at altars, casting protective spells. We recognize Black people resting, loving and caring for each other as a vital form of resistance in this moment.

We amplify calls for structural accountability — to #DefundPolice, to invest in #BlackFutures, to #TurntheWaterOn in Detroit.

We implore all white people and non-Black people of color to commit their resources to the movements for Black liberation and their labor to the dismantling of anti-Black racism within themselves, their families, and communities. All of our liberation depends upon this work.

We lift up the names of Black, trans and femme, and Indigenous lives that have been lost in recent days: #TonyMcDade #BreonnaTaylor #NinaPop #RegisKorchinskiPaquet alongside the names of #GeorgeFloyd #AhmaudAubrey and countless others.

We rejoice in the liberatory visions of Black leaders, the dignity of Black lives, and the impending downfall of white supremacist power structures.

The wisdom of our communities is deep and vast and there are incredible resources circulating across the Internet. Here are just a few:

Black-led organizations to support in Minneapolis:

A small sample of the many Black-led organizations doing liberation work in Detroit:

Alternatives to being in the streets:

Anti-racism resources: