Coordinators: Akynos, PJ Starr, and Aisha Mohammed

Whore revolutionaries will change the face of media through organizing practices that are consistent with the values of Black leadership and including folks who grew up on welfare and who have crossed borders. We will explore the connections between stigma and anti-sex worker sentiment that infuses media (news, social media, documentary, narrative films), detoxify our minds and help us heal, and free our creativity to create new media representations for our nourishment and liberation. If we are aligned, collectively we will produce at least one piece of media as an exercise. Participants will return to the world with strategies to keep themselves safe when interfacing with media. We will find new ways to create and link to resources so that these projects can continue.

Support the Sex Work and Media: Centering, Resilience and Transformation network gathering


Call for Participation

This is a one day event on Thursday June 25, 2020 during the Allied Media Conference #AMC2020. The network gathering prioritizes the presence of sex workers facing the most oppression (Black/POC sex workers, immigrants, transgender and gender non-conforming people, parents and low income people) with the ultimate goal of creating a healing, safe space. Allies from communities of white sex workers and non-sex workers are welcome to apply to be invited. 

For anyone who cannot attend in person, we will host a webinar after the AMC to share about our experiences and release our media that we produced.

Sex workers have been denied knowledge of our actions as innovators at the center cultural history, diminishing our strong and vital heritage across time and place. Our network gathering is based on reclaiming and acknowledging our “whore gaze” as commentators, participants and creators. We will not be limited by the constructions of historical representations of sex trafficking, pity, fear and criminalization. 

Our gathering is hosted by PJ of Moral High Ground Productions and Akynos of the Black Sex Worker Collective and is supported by our network of experienced curators, artists and organizers for the rights of sex workers. An important part of our gathering is taking the time we need to know each other and heal. Yes there will be brainstorms, hands-on activities, media creation and film screenings, but if our energy is needed to heal and recharge we will take that time to do so.


For more information reach out to PJ Starr at or Akynos at