At the AMC, we take celebration seriously. We believe that relationships begin in workshops during the day, but they are solidified on the dancefloor, and in other community-building spaces at night. For the virtual AMC, we embrace the challenge of expanding the dancefloor across continents, while still cultivating that life-affirming joy. Thank you to Marble Bar for supporting the technical production of these events!

Vibe With Me: Welcome to Detroit

Thursday, July 23rd | 9:00PM-1:00AM EST
Stableheed comes with another installment of Vibe with Me for the AMC2020 Welcome Party. A live sonic experience of curated music and culture from some of Detroit’s best performers and DJ’s. Vibe with live performances by Motorkam and Monalyse and dance with DJ’s Jhouse, Problematic Black Hottie, and Stardust.

This event contains strong and/or explicit language that may not be suitable for children. 
Flashing lights and bright colors will be used during this event. Viewer discretion advised.
Performances by Motorkam + Monalyse, DJ’s Jhouse + Problematic Black Hottie + Stardust
Hosted by Stableheed

Motorcity Street Dance Academy Youth Party

Friday, July 24th | 7:00PM – 8:00PM EST
MCSDA works to enhance the lives of Detroiters through hip-hop, physical activity and healthy living. This interactive virtual event featuring special guests Fresh Classics and students from MCSDA. All levels, abilities, and peoples are encouraged to take part in the cypher we will create.
Performances by MCSDA


House Werk

Friday, July 24th | 10:00PM – 1:00AM EST
Featuring: DJ Beige (Leftfield House & Breaks); LadyMonix (House, Disco), and Channel Tres (Compton, Dance)

Flashing lights and bright colors will be used during this event. Viewer discretion advised.

Werk From Home

Saturday, July 25th | 10:00PM – 1:00AM EST
Featuring: Dez Andrés (Detroit, Latin Soul-Funk-House) and a performance from Maimouna Youssef aka Mumu Fresh (Baltimore, Jazz-Rap)

Flashing lights and bright colors will be used during this event. Viewer discretion advised.


For seven years, Community Dinners at the AMC have been sites for honoring food as a form of media that can transmit healing, resilience, and collective power across space and time. This year, AMC Community Dinners, produced by chef and culinary organizer Ora Wise, will invite AMC participants into a virtual dining room to engage with chefs, growers, and food sovereignty activists who are building solidarity and decolonizing cultures to build the food world we need.

Braided Nations Dinner

Friday, July 24th | 7:30PM – 9:00PM EST
A virtual gathering of black and indigenous collectives sharing teachings of mutual aid, seed histories and divestment from whiteness.
M. Karlos Baca Indigenous Food Activist, 4th World Farm/I-Collective 

DeVonn Francis Creative Director, Chef, Yardy

Kirsten Kirby-Shoote

Indigenous Food Sovereignty Project

Klancy Miller
Writer, cookbook author, founder of For the Culture: A magazine celebrating Black women in food and wine

LeGenevieve Squires
Chef, Experience Relish

Brittiany Peeler
Chef, Experience Relish

Ederique Goudia
Chef and Co-owner, Gabriel Hall; Co-Founder, In the Business of Food

Camren Stott
Chef/Owner, Jiibaakwaan Foods

Sewa Yuli, Community Cook/Student Midwife
Artwork by Naima Penniman
Graphic: Seeds of Power
Artwork by Amanny Ahmad

Seeds of Power: Cultivating Resilience through Food in Borikén, Palestine & Diaspora

Saturday, July 25th | 7:30PM-9:00PM EST
A virtual gathering in the kitchens & gardens of Palestinian and Boricua organizers resisting occupation through their work with food. Through conversations, recipes, and collaborative presence, our hosts will share their knowledge and how they have embraced food systems, from seed to plate, to fight erasure, cultivate hope, and achieve truly intersectional & international solidarity in the ongoing liberation struggle for all beings, everywhere.
Tara Rodríguez Besosa, El Departamento de la Comida / OtraCosa / #quenosepierdalasemilla

Chef Gabriela Álvarez, Chef

Amanny Ahmad,
Artist and Chef

Reem Assil
, Chef/Owner of Reem’s California

Pao Lebron
, Diaspora radical/BoriTrans/food grower and Colectivo Babilla

Laila Elhaddad
, author, social activist, journalist


The Detroit Narrative Agency (DNA) will host two nights of film screenings as part of their Ethics and Aesthetics program. DNA is a community organization that disrupts harmful narratives about Detroit by supporting Black, Brown, and Indigenous Detroiters to examine and create film and media that build collective healing, power and liberation. Both nights will open with select videos from DNA’s Radical Remedies: Collective Healing and Power Through Story project.

DNA Presents: Gender Justice Kaleidoscope

Friday July 24 | 7:00 – 9:30pm EST
Eight perspectives on the intersections of gender and a multitude of experiences from Black filmmakers across the diaspora.Screenings followed by a moderated conversation with filmmakers.

Part 1
Carrie Hawks, Origin of Hair (1 min)
Franchesca Lamarre, VIRAGO (17 min)
Maxwell Addae, Outdooring (18 min)
Felicia Pride, Tender (15 min)

Part 2
RJ Dawson, Gummi Bear (18 min)
Nova Scott James, Wild Darlings Sing the Blues (and it’s a song of Freedom) (22 min)
Naima Ramos-Chapman, Piu Piu (10 min)
DaeQuan Collier, What If Black Boys Were Butterflies? (4 min)

DNA Presents: Mothering and Caregiving for Liberation

Saturday July 25 | 7:00 – 9:30pm EST
These films honor Black and Indigenous Mothers and Caregivers, and portray them in their full complexity and power. Screening followed by moderated conversation with filmmakers.

Jalena Keane-Lee, Standing Above the Clouds (15 min)
Loira Limbal, Through the Night (75 min)

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